Comment 21 Jeff Layton Changed in linux Ubuntu: It negotiated to every time with it. I have exactly the same problem. March 31, You should then be able to test via a LiveCD. I can’t say for certain it’ll fix your problem, but for the price why not try?

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Installing the Realtek driver and removing the Intrepid one as described by the original poster rectified the issue. 8111v quick note for users, when kernel updates automatically via Ubuntu update you need to repeat steps: Do you have a Gigabit router?

Oliver Beckstein lomenoldur wrote on When I try to browse my network, it gets very slow, and then no longer works on Ethernet. This post is about as much as I know. Connection does not connect.

Didn’t try ti reinstall Win because to install all programs would take me 2 days. Reply Reply as topic.

WoL still does not work with it however. The time now is October 22, I am a newbie, so I don’t really know the way to push this or with whom to do so. The bug, for me, has manifested itself differently, and more subtly. I don’t know if you tried it with GbE and if you also tried to actually transfer files. See our newsletter archive for past announcements. Kevin, I saw doz message, but it does not good that Realtek released the driver. Loading More Posts 7 Posts. This bug is still present in the 2.


Kevin kevinshlee wrote on March 31, Nithin nithin wrote on Note the 55Networking attachment being part of the solution how to use the driver.

Comment 20 Jeff Layton It’s a pretty reliable and fast card.

Bug # “r Driver not stable with Realtek C” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Do you fos support me with this procedure? Sorry, my last Sunday was ! However, I haven’t tested so it is just a guess. I went ahead and grabbed the latest bleeding edge f12 build out of koji: Since deanfred is the original bug reporter, based on his comment https: There is another thread on this topic in the 1.

Their previous driver worked fine with the current version of Ubuntu. If you want to try disabling IPV6, the instructions are here: It definitely does not help the box WOL from a complete shutdown.

Realtek 8111C Onboard problem

Please check this out. Full If you are hoping to connect at Mbps, you will need to connect to a different switch or port that operates at Mbps. Some feedback regarding the shutdown part of 2 with the patch would be welcome too.