However, there are other erasure solutions that have the capability to detect, report and overwrite locked and hidden sectors such as HPA, DCO, and remapped sectors. The result are allways the same. An update has been released 2. Why is my video resolution low after using DBAN? You must reinstall an operating system because DBAN removes it. DBAN has these errata:

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The operating system installer must have ATA-6 support to use all of a disk that is larger than gigabytes. CD-ROM drives manufactured before cannot reliably read burned media. Why not now and why not by default? Do not change the forward-slash characters to back-slash characters.

Please retest with this update, and update this bug if necessary. You must be root to start this driver. You aic-77902 check whether DBAN actually detected all hard disks in a computer. The host names are changed for security reasons. I would be happy if the would be a solution because we can’t use the very big disk space of the RAID system!

Does DBAN wipe the swap file? If you are building an appliance to wipe loose disks, then the most important component is a motherboard with multiple PCI buses.


Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: Drivers for DOS and Windows 3.x for Adaptec SCSI cards Download Detail

If this bug is a problem preventing you from installing the release this version is filed against, please see bug The result lines earlier in the log file are correct. These devices are normally named hd n or cd n dks CD-ROMswhere n is the physical unit number of the device. All releases prior to the dban You must reinstall an operating system because DBAN removes it. The correct button varies between computers.

add scsi driver for scsimax – Ultimate Boot CD

Alternatively, you can install to a gig partition, apply the service pack that provides bit LBA, and then enlarge the filesystem afterwards. Most aic-702 do not wipe remapped sectors. By asking a smart question in the public forum you positively contribute to the DBAN project and help other people.

We will not issue a statement of conformity for DBAN because it would be construed as a warranty or promise. The first part of ‘mke2fs’ also seems to work, but when it writes the superblock and filesystem informations, then it lasts a long time ‘hangs’. You can put the camcdromdiskopticaladpuand blk groups of options in any order.

Adaptec AIC-7880 PCI SCSI Controller Drivers for DOS

Maybe someone with more internel knowledge of the aic79xx driver can see the reason for the problem? Comment 6 Edgar Hoch The Microsoft Windows installation media that you are using only has ATA-5 support, which has aif-7902 gigabyte limit. The HPA is a low risk because it is not accessible during normal operations. Note that certain calls such as pipeas well as read and write on FIFOs may require the pipe manager. There is no difference. Watch for a prompt when you power-on the computer or consult the motherboard documentation.


Always give the manufacturer and model for your computer when you ask for help. If specified, they must follow the blk keyword. DBAN defaults are chosen to best protect people with a minimal understanding of this kind of problem.

Some computers will ask for a password before running the BIOS setup program. An auditor will eventually notice if you sell a misrepresented unauthorized product into a large company. You can purchase a database of performance statistics from us to plan your consulting job.