When they work right, they are awesome, but these issues happen quite often: The cord is nice and long, allowing you to move around more while playing — grab a slice of pizza, slam a door shut, whatever. I love your new product. We suggest you upgrade newer and better browser like: I first got them 3 years ago on XP, and now upgraded to the Windows 7 drivers on my new machine.

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Originally i was not able to use the software, but rather use only the drivers.

When gaming Battlefieldthe players voices are good, but the automated game voice sounds all broken up, very choppy. When I play a game, sometimes it gives me a loud pop, then 1 of 3 things will happen. Adam and Manath, try my drivers, see if they work. The only way I was able to get the buzzing to go away was to not use the drivers that came with it windows should already have the generic drivers needed.

Ben Heck’s Audio fx pro 5.1 windows 8 usb driver headset

I took the unit apart to try and solve the problem the plastic sizing band was broken anyway edi,ensional repetitive stress so I figured what the hell. For a while setting the Windows volume below 6 results in no sound, and from there it only increases at 16, 22, and increasingly greater edimwnsional. They have a few nice features, like equalizer, speaker shifter, etc. Great job eDimensional and Ben!! My old piece of crap logitecs were times better and when I plug those back in I can at least play my games.


The forcefeed back is pretty cool…. Are these stores dumb or what gamers from every where should buy these.

What are you talking about? Aside from that, congradulations on your first product!

eDimensional AudioFX Pro 5+1 Circumaural Force Feedback Gaming Headset Overview – CNET

Here’s how to get the most out of your Edimensioal, and a few things you may not know. I usually do not have this problem.

So I’ve found the following reviews of this product: I must reboot to correct either issue. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. RichardHolster Created on April 20, Also the interface in the akdiofx goes away and its nowhere to be found even after reloading the disk.

Just got the windows 7 drivers. Sound reproductions windowws great,and the force feedback is really something to believe, however all is not perfect. Maybe I’ll check some alternatives at this point I like em but they just are not working right. There is a very faint sound coming from the rumbler. The Cheapskate’s best deals and discoveries of These were a few of my favorite things.


I curse you, because I just recently bought myself an expensive stereo headset, and now I want this instead! Call me an idiot, but I found ultimately that the software works great. I’m late to this thread but I was able to get mine working by using some driver scan software.

The best travel gadgets and gear The best travel gadgets and gear by John Falcone. GrantToth Replied on October 29, This device seems to have only 3 real volume settings: Now available for purchase Friend invite wnidows. Mic is awesome also.