But if it’s twisted or pinched anywhere, water can potentially get in. The O-ring is lightly glued on and then fits into the groove on the back cover. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The first “6” the highest rating means total protection against dust. While the tablet is light and elegant and doesn’t sport the heavily armored look of some rugged designs, as soon as you pick it up it’s instantly clear that this is indeed a tough tool for tough jobs. And virtually all apps are attractive, well designed and very functional. Even a flash camera can’t always do that.

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The original iPad display had dots per inch and no one ever complained about its quality or resolution.

Getac Z – tablet – Android (Jelly Bean) – 16 GB – 7″ Overview – CNET

Which iPad you should buy: There’s also digital zoom up to 8X. Yet, customers have made it abundantly clear that they want the sleek iPad look and feel, and not old-style Tablet PCs. The Z has a distinctive look with its black and dark yellow coloring, it’s easy to hold and operate, and it feels absolutely rock-solid. But what should such as ruggedized, enterprise-oriented getax look like, and what size should it be?

Combine that with the IP65 dust and water protection and the Z is one of the most rugged Android tablets ever built. Wires and connectors are securely held in place with tape. First the standard 7z10 screen below leftand the standard Launcher screen right that you can customize with whatever background you want and populate with whatever app icons or widgets you want.


Getac itself still sells its older Windows-based E and E tablets. The Getac Z is ready for whatever you getqc put it through.

Getac | Z – Fully Rugged Tablet, IP65, G, Sunlight readable, light weight

Mounting a Z in a vehicle for mobile field professionals has never been easier. To the left is the browser. To the left of the upper battery sits the tablet’s camera module.

Yes, the Z’s camera can be used for documentation. How well does it work? Neither are dealbreakers, but simply something to be aware of. Ggetac tablets, however, Android has had a much harder time establishing itself as the clear alternative to Apple’s iPad. That’s good to know as the shiny, large glass surfaces of modern tablets always look vulnerable, With Gorilla glass, they aren’t. The 7-inch and inch geetac factors are, for now, the most successful and so Getac chose to start with a handy 7-inch device that’s small and light enough to go almost anywhere.

Given that regular consumer smartphones can do excellent high-res images and HD video, one should expect at least the same and certainly hetac less from industrial handhelds and tablets. The device is rugged enough for almost any application, with an impressive drop spec, good sealing, and a wide operating temperature range. Ports and buttons must be waterproof.

The Z is specifically engineered to be protected against drops, shocks, spills, vibration and more. Like everyone else, Getac is smartly hedging its bets, but that’s only good business sense. You can, of course, also install Skype we didn’t try it. Most but not all apps on the Z can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation.


Getac Z710 – tablet – Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) – 16 GB – 7″

Overall, the Getac Z is an attractive, well conceived and executed product that should be on the short list of anyone seeking an enterprise-grade Android tablet device. The x resolution that was never quite enough on early netbook computers works perfectly well on the Z Well, the Z display offers dots per inch. In smartphones, the race has pretty much been run, with Apple’s iOS and Android dominating the market to an extent where it’s difficult to see Microsoft’s Windows Phone becoming much of a factor anytime s710.

It sticks to metal like a refrigerator magnet, and thus doesn’t need the usual stylus “garage. Blickenstorfer Getac US introduced the Z in September of as getad rugged Android tablet created specifically to perform in extreme work environments. On the left you can see the dock for the supplied stylus. The good news is that the Z screen is sharp, bright, and it has perfect viewing angles from all directions.

That’s primarily because Microsoft Windows runs on tablets, and the argument to stay with Windows on tablets for continuity and compatibility’s sake remains strong.