Moving the adapter to the front of the computer often helps, as does using a USB 2. Poorly shielded USB 3. If that does not help, please contact us at support plugable. Test it by playing a Youtube video through your internet browser. BlueZ and Pulseaudio versions vary between Linux distributions. If you must install the Plugable adapter because your built-in adapter does not work, please contact us at support plugable.

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You inttuix now be able to play music through your Bluetooth headphones or speaker. You can also use a Plugable active USB extension cable to move your bluetotoh closer to the receiving device.

BlueZ and Pulseaudio versions vary between Linux distributions. While the adapter can be installed with the kernel versions mentioned, this primarily allows Linux to recognize the adapter as a Bluetooth radio.

To remove a Bluetooth adapter: That assumes an open space without any obstructions such as walls or floors. Next, verify that the headset is set as the default audio output: You device will remain discoverable as long as this screen is displayed.

INTUIX DVBT USB TV Tuner Dongle | eBay

Poorly shielded USB 3. Only Bluetooth adapters need to be removed.


If your device is having range issues when plugged into a USB 3. If you see uxb error message again, please contact us at support plugable.

Click the Accessibility tab. Components inside a tower-style computer case are largely exposed, and there is very little shielding to reduce the radio interference they produce. Windows 10 frequently re-enables disabled built-in Bluetooth adapters, which will cause the Plugable adapter to stop functioning.

If your device has optional USB Bluetooth expansion capabilities you must purchase the unit supplied by the maker of that device to ensure compatibility.

Click For Linux Driver Installation. If it is, right-click the icon and make sure it is selected as the Default Device. The same applies to automotive systems car stereos and receivers. Ussb other Bluetooth adapters listed here should be removed and disabled, e.

And offers market-leading Broadcom BCM chipset, while also backwards compatible with classic Bluetooth blurtooth. Otherwise select a long playlist and play it. Bluetooth LE profiles are not supported on Windows 7 and earlier.

INTUIX / USB Bluetooth-Adapter 10 mtr.

Also, the Bluetooth signal weakens as it travels through the metal and plastic case and goes past the noise-producing components. We see this most often if the adapter is connected to the back of a desktop computer, where there can be a lot of random radio noise generated by the processor and system parts. If your computer has a built-in Bluetooth adapter, we recommend using it instead of purchasing our adapter, especially in Windows Its range is specified at 10 meters or about 32 feet. If that does not help, please contact us at support plugable.


Generic Bluetooth Adapter in the above image.

Some profiles may require installation of included Broadcom Bluetooth Software or to use the built-in Windows stack. Many built-in adapters are integrated with the Wi-Fi hardware and disabling the Bluetooth adapter may disable Wi-Fi support. While many home theater systems have USB ports for expansion TVs, surround inhuix receivers and the likethey cannot support the Plugable Bluetooth adapter because there is no method to install driver software.

Click Bluetooth in the System Tray. This a Bluetooth Class 2 device. If you are not getting that range and there are no obstructions, there is likely a problem of radio interference.