You end up with a segmentation fault http: The obvious reason for this step is to backup you precious data. It might be interesting to try to do the grub setup from a grub native boot, which is grub running by itself, with no Linux system at all. Firstly, backup all your data. Thank you very much in advance for any comment, warning or suggestion. It actually starts booting then ends with: Video goes to x

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Also, when I tried the Ubuntu-mobile Menlow image, it overwrote my windows XP partitions, should have looked a little closer before installing oops so chainloading from windows won’t work either So if you have random data think data from deleted files, here – kohjjinsha Then there are two problems: You can install from the liveCD. I just haven’t found anyone that has succeeded.

Video goes to x I’d like understand which are the other problems. Its been hinted to in a number of posts, though never detailed upon. I think I will try the grub2 one next because syslinux, requires you to sit there and wait for grub to come up while booting Also, the ghetto BIOS in this thing doesn’t have any mention of the native fb resolution. It actually starts booting then lniux with: I know XP is better but i am curious how i could revert back to original vista. When I get one that detects my wi-fi and the correct screen resolution I’ll be getting rid of Windows.


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Don’t worry, I’ll be careful and look it over and edit it for my laptop. Please ignore the urge to reboot and test the chainloading. That is like an old IDE driver right? In case you run into problems and cannot boot into your machine, boot into the live usb. What do you think? Thank you to all. Oh and I tested the May 6th build at the daily live link above and still no wi-fi or proper screen resolution. I had a little trouble with the correct path to the kernel and initrd.

Thank you very much in advance for any comment, warning or suggestion. If I write “ipconfig” I see only loopback device: Which version of OpenSuSE are you using that worked? The first problem is the boot, but hanzenegger http: You know after you’re done installing and it prompts if you want to restart, is that when you somehow magically use grub2?


This was her idea, as she’s interested in ubuntu. These are obsolete in countless ways. Your SC3 should now be able to boot!

Kensington Security Slot Currect price comprise device with Microsoft XP Home. I used these http: Google [Bot] and 3 guests. I just tried openSuSE I’ve read that the dell mini uses similar screen drivers.

Any ideas why grub wouldn’t be able to find them?