My previous mouse was wireless and did not have any problems. That is VERY dissapointing, as logitech normally produce quality products. I suspect that an upgrade of the drivers is the reason why the mouse now behaves erratically. I even found someone willing to sell you drivers for the mac that they had written themselves. Whining and complaining doesn’t get anything accomplished.

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I would’ve saved a lot of time if i read how many people had similar problems to my own before i purchased it. Jaybird Freedom 2 wireless sport headphones. It won’t scroll Visual Studio at all. It only works if it is 7 or 8 inches from my DELL laptop.

Maybe something to do with interference, although I tried to move the base station away from TV, computer etc, but didn’t help. It worked great for a long time, but like others I’ve had problems lately.

I’ve already changed this one and it’s replacement is exactly the same.

I wouldn’t recommend this mouse for my cat. On the whole i highly recommend this one as a top gamers mouse.

DV Hardware review – Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

Many, many possibilities with this one in particular. I noticed Logitech has setup a phone number exclusively for customers with this problem.


Software drivers are not stable 4. Must be one of the drawbacks of a dark vision. Perhaps finding the original drivers will help.

Logitech Mx1000 Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse USB – M-rag97

So two weeks ago, I would have rated 10 out of 10, but now I’m getting dissapointed: One other thing, in Battlefield 2, it sometimes has jerky movement in a helicopter. Never used to do that on my old PC.

It was only after made a shout and cry in their office did I get ,x1000 product replaced. The battery life of mx is greatly improved from mx Only problem I had with it when i first bought it was when i lifted up the mouse it used to jump accross the screen, but soon sorted that with little bit of practise of lifting the mouse straight up and not tilting when lifting.

Right click very often requires 2 clicks to function instead of 1. I play tons of games with it. There must be something it is good for. With enhanced image contrast enabling a 20x improvement, the laser mouse can track on surfaces where the LED mouse cannot.

Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse Specs – CNET

Mosue days the mouse works fine, but other days it needs to be reset every 20 seconds. Then the center button seemed to stop working well.


Anyway I can’t say I don’t recommend this mouse, I’d definitely buy it again if given the chance And take better care of my warranty info. While you might enjoy the smooth mouse motion at first, with very little use you might find as I did that the feet on which this mouse glides become scuffed and very soon begin to deposit a sticky substance on the desk surface which ultimately inhibites the smooth operation of this mouse.

But seems to be fine now.

Reinstalling the latest version didn’t work. However, recently it has been really bothering me Have assigned buttons 3 buttons for use in windows and 5 for games. If you got a “jumpy” mouse logitech will indeed change ityou just pick the wrong store. Every single customer I have recommended the mouse to has come back and said to me. I installed a nice little 3rd-party app called Uberpoint and all is well again; all the missing features are back! FastRF cordless performance that equals a USB corded connection, more info about this technology here.