It looks like designers were just plumb out of room, found a little free space in the nooks and crannies on either side of the hinge, and took advantage, but they would’ve been better off moving the screen up a quarter inch and dropping the buttons down below or Home, anyway. When put this way or flat on a table, it uses the previously recognized orientation. Although Exif data in UTC rather than the local time zone is recorded into each picture, the FAT32 filesystem’s creation time is displayed as the file info. It’s also got one of the best speakerphones in recent memory, and as we mentioned above, the 3. Don’t get us wrong, it looks pretty awesome, but it’s paralyzed by poor execution and a processor that’s clearly struggling to keep up with the demands being placed on it.

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In fact, it is a secondary touch surface you can use to access a selection of features without even flipping it open.

Motorola KRAVE ZN4 Drivers Download – Update Motorola Software

So yeah, back to that crazy lid. Motorola’s first finger-touch phone for the US.

Additional Product Features Display Resolution. The Essential Phone is effectively discontinued. We’re especially skeptical of our testing here since Motorolas are famous for insane reception.


Motorola Krave ZN4 hands-on

It’s clear Verizon wants this to be one of its premier non-smartphone devices, chock-full kraave glitz, pretty much every feature in the playbook including the still-rare VCAST TVand a truly high-end build quality.

By registering, you agree to our Terms of Use. Find out in Phone Scoop’s in-depth report. We value your privacy and will never share your email address. For Power, whatever — that’s fine — but the Home button is going to get pressed way too frequently to require thumb acrobatics widnows reach.

Motorola Krave ZN4 hands-on 23 Photos They have gotten a bad reputation of late because of how the memory is set up and utilized. That transparent cover helps to protect the touchscreen when not in use. Opening the lid reveals one of the nicer screens you’ll find on any phone sold in the US market today — xexceptionally crisp and vibrant it needs to be in order to be seen clearly through the lidand a great feel for touch use.

With Bluetooth connectivity, the Motorola Krave ZN4 lets you share files with other compatible devices. Motorola Consumer Cellular Smartphones Black. The ROG Phone is a dramatic leap for the company. I hate locking the phone. News Blog Facebook Twitter Newsletter. J Pomona, CA Q: The sound quality is clear and the phone gets pretty good reception.

It has a 3. From around the web. The different is that the flap is transparent, kravr you a direct glimpse at the large color display beneath it. It also gives the elderly access to select healthcare services directly from their phone. I use a memory card to store all media content and the phone works fine for me.


Product reviews have been generally good for the phone, praising the innovative design, but lacking software features such as shortcuts or customization.

In the course of its metamorphosis into a thoroughly Americanized phone, the Krave Kring? I have used Motorola phones krrave Retrieved from ” https: While the phone is closed the second touch screen performs more simple tasks but is still very useful for VZ Navigator and Music.

wiindows Content on this site may not be copied or republished without formal permission. When entering text messages or any other text such as address bookthe phone uses the standard dialpad and iTap when upright, while it uses a small QWERTY virtual keyboard layout while on its left side.

Bluetooth supports stereo headsets, file and vCard transfer, basic image printing, and other profiles.