First thing you need to do is to open the case and verify all the required components are present. You can’t tell what is happening without a monitor. The 40gb drive probably requires an 80 wire data cable. I haven’t taken it out to look at it, but my System Tools told me the following about it: The “Boot from CD:

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However, an exception is mz software often requires XP or above. So to me the beeping error message from my MS mainboard indicates that at least the power supply, motherboard, CPU and memory card audioo some functionality left. If CD drive or similar is listed before Hard drive or SCSI, if a CD or DVD drive has 66714 disk in in while booting, – if the disk is NOT bootable, the bios tries to boot from the next thing in the boot order list – if the disk IS detected as bootable, you will see “Press any key to boot from CD” or similar on the screen – the message usually stays on the screen for 5 seconds waiting for you to respond – 614 you press the stated key while that message is on the screen, the bios will then attempt to boot from the disk – if you do not press a key, the boot sequence will continue about 5 seconds after that message first appearing, and the bios tries to boot from the next thing in the boot order list.

Audio driver for ms If one of the two data cable’s connectors is plugged in backwards, if there is nothing else wrong, the led on the front aucio the floppy drive will be on all the time the computer is running, even when it has no floppy disk in it you probably do not presently have that problem, because the floppy drive is showing up in Windows. Either the drive is defective, or the BIOS can’t configure that drive. The RAM slot shows no physical signs of damage [such as damaged or missing vaporized ,s, and black carbon deposits, and places where the plastic in the slot was melted].


If we can’t afford it, we shouldn’t have it, and do something constructive until we can afford it, and if managed wisely, one wheat kernel can feed a nation. It means a lot! On the very first screen there should be an option to select the floppy drive, along with the CD and hard drives. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site. It is easy to test for incompatible ram that has caused your mboard to fail to boot.

You can still use Messenger ot Hotmail without installing that. If there is any personal data on the partition on the 40gb drive Windows is installed on that you don’t want to lose, you will need to copy that data to elsewhere before you installed Windows from scratch.

I removed the fried floppy drive from my current computer MSthen took the floppy drive from my MS the computer that I am trying to resurrectput it in my current computer, and it worked first time!

The OS on the disk must be unpacked and installed, along with the proper drivers to support your hardware configuration. You could also take a close look at the ram module, especial at it’s top, to see if any chips have become detached from where they’re supposed to be firmly soldered – that can happen if someone has dropped the module, or if somone pushed down on a chip rather than the module card if the chips are right at the top.

MS ver motherboard – Hardware Support – UKT Support – Message Board

Or, you set the drive to Master, Single – you have no jumper on the drive when it’s by itself on the Primary data cable connection, and you connect the optical drive to the secondary IDE header and jumper it as Master, or you jumper both sm Cable Select, an have them on the end connector, not the middle 614, on a 3 connector data cable, when they’re by themselves on the data cable.

If you aren’t going to be downloading a lot of illegally gotten music, movies, games, etc. Are you sure that is the exact model number. Thanks for the links on capacitors.


In older bioses it’s size and parameters cylinders, heads, etc. So as a “bush ‘mechanic’ ” without a monitor and without diagnostic tools, I reached the following conclusion: You should do this anyway. Before I continue with the hard drive matter, I want to stick with the floppy drive for a moment still, just to suss out a few more things, because what can I lose.

In your case, I suspect the board on the drive is fried. Not installed ” Some newer bioses auto detect the floppy drive, once you have set md bios to allow it to be detected – if it’s not actually detected, the setting in the bios has reverts to None or similar, when you look in the bios after that.

See the part in response 80 starting at: For and XP, by default, you must press F6 early in the loading of the files from the CD auudio you boot from it, and provide the SATA drivers on a floppy disk a little later. Please try a different diskette.

MS 6714 ver 2.0 motherboard

They’re more likely to produce a display for a shorter total time than a CRT monitor. The data cable must be oriented so that ausio bump in the connector is facing up at the drive end. In at least one case, auio solution was to reseat the CPU. So – if you own the computer, whether it was originally yours or not, as long as no one else is using the same Product Key, you can use a copy of someone else’s CD.

When it has no RAM stick s in the slot auddioI get repetitive 5 second beeps. The suffix after the MS indicate what else is included. If there are or more errors, then there is no point in trying to zero fill the drive, because the drive will probably develop more errors rapidly.